📌 Create unique terraform modules and upload on public terraform registry.

What does a Terraform module do?

🔅 Launch ec2-instances on AWS Cloud eg. for master and slave.

🔅 Create roles that will configure master node and slave node seperately.

🔅 Launch a wordpress and mysql database connected to it in the respectine slaves.

🔅 Expose the wordpress pod and client able hit the wordpress ip with its respective port.

STEP1: Create a dynamic inventory

$ mkdir -p /opt/ansible/inventory
$ cd /opt/ansible/inventory
plugin: aws_ec2
aws_access_key: <YOUR-AWS-ACCESS-KEY-HERE>
aws_secret_key: <YOUR-AWS-SECRET-KEY-HERE>
- key: tags
prefix: tag
enable_plugins = aws_ec2
$ ansible-inventory -i /opt/ansible/inventory/aws_ec2.yaml --list
$ ansible all -m ping

STEP2: Launch one master and two slave nodes on AWS

What is AKS?

Sangeeth Sahana D

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