Task Description 📄

📌 Create unique terraform modules and upload on public terraform registry.

What does a Terraform module do?

A Terraform module allows you to create logical abstraction on the top of some resource set. In other words, a module allows you to group resources together and reuse this group later, possibly many times.

Let’s assume we have a virtual server with some features hosted in the cloud. What set of resources might describe that server? For example:

  • the virtual machine itself, created from some image
  • an attached block device of a specified size for additional storage
  • a static public IP mapped to the server’s virtual network interface
  • a set of firewall rules to be attached to the server
  • other things like another block device, additional network interface, and so on

Below is the link to the terraform module created




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Sangeeth Sahana D

Sangeeth Sahana D

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